That's who this project is all about.

Experts predict that only 5% of the current
generation of American youth will become Bible
based believers.  As the body of Christ we

desperately need to teach children about the God of
the Bible, Jesus, and let them see the truths He bled
and died for.  With Bible literacy at an all time low,
The Basics
is a much needed jump start to raising up
a new generation of children who will be passionate
and knowledgeable about Jesus.

All The Basics seeks to provide children's ministry
materials that are fundamental in theology, exciting
in presentation, and relevant in application.
All The Basics copyright 2011 by Adrian Black.  
Scripture quoted from the International Children's Bible, copyright 1986, 1988, 1999 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.  Used by permission.  All rights reserved.
All the Basics was created as a way to help as many children as possible understand the fundamentals of the
Christian faith and our relationship with Jesus.

We accomplish this goal by engaging children in multiple ways- videos, booklets, live demonstrations, and games.  
This opens up opportunities for each kind of learner to understand the content.

With each part of the learning process, kids are challenged to apply what they have learned to their day to day lives.

We hope you are able to help children learn a lot about Jesus.  Check out the Media page for videos, games, and
other fun stuff.

-Adrian Black